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Geospatial Books

Sejarah Survei dan Pemetaan Nusantara - 40 Tahun BAKOSURTANAL

For four decades, has many accomplishments achieved by BAKOSURTANAL among others in the field of geospatial information for spatial planning, mapping the border, forestry, and mining. BAKOSURTANAL role in providing geospatial information for natural disaster management and confirmation of boundaries between them. All this is summarized in the form of a book entitled Surveying and Mapping the Archipelago.



Tide Prediction 2010

This book contains information on the numerical predictions and the highest tide prediction graphics and the lowest ebb during the year 2010 in the form of a calendar view. In calculating the coefficient of prediction function performed by using one set of data best.


Airport Atlas of Indonesia

Bakosurtanal trying to participate and help provide a little information about kebandaraan knowledge in general in Indonesia, particularly domestic and international airport. Information presented is packaged in book form which contains data such as: map airport environment, airport image, images terminals, terminal layout and narratives that are presented in Indonesian and English. This Atlas memanga designed not only for the people of Indonesia but also for the international community to visit Indonesia.



Gugusan Pulau Kecil Terluar BENTENG SELATAN NUSANTARA Kabupaten Maluku Barat Daya

After a period of Dutch colonization is over, the contact between the regions in Southwest Maluku became very isolated and often described as a forgotten area, therefore one of the survey mission in the Islands Lemola PSSDAL to gradually restore the golden age of trade.



Peta Mangroves Indonesia

Research on coastal geomorphology, ecology of mangrove forests, mangrove flora, socio-economic conditions in each region Mangroves of different places in Indonesia showed that the mangrove ecosystem was highly susceptible (Fragile Ecosystems) and crucial to its existence. So it is clear that now Mangroves are important ecosystems in biology, ecology, social and economic development.




Togean Island Mangrove Ecosystem

Mangrove ecosystem is a balance sheet of information that can describe the distribution of mangrove ecosystem reserves, reduction and utilization of mangrove ecosystems, so that at a certain time can know the trend, whether surplus or deficit. This is useful as a monitoring tool that can be balanced in order to take advantage of the protection and conservation.




Valuing of Togean Water Fish Resources, Tojo Una-Una District

Located in the waters of the Gulf of Tomini, Tojo Una-Una regency has a marine data source with huge potential and are important to the middle part of the territory of Indonesia.




Sumberdaya Alam Pesisir dan Laut Teluk Saleh

Interestingly, the towering Mount Tambora arrogance as if watching Saleh Bay waters with all the dynamics of coastal communities. Travel Team PSSDAL, BAKOSURTANAL to the Gulf coast of Sumbawa Island Saleh will lead us to understand the various potential and captivating charm of a bay in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Various natural wealth and potential dynamics of the following communities recorded in this book.



Tide Prediction 2008

This book includes the results of tidal predictions from the 63 major ports in the State of the Republic of Indonesia Islands of the Tidal Observation Station National Marine Equipment. This book contains information on the numerical and graphical predictions highest tide and lowest low tide that occurred during the year 2008 with a view shaped calendar information.




Pulau Makalehi - Mutiara dalam Untaian Nusantara

Small islands in the archipelago is very beautiful seen from the air it is a harmonious combination between green, blue, with sandy beaches, blue sea meet the gradation from young to old, like a strand of pearls in a vast dark blue base.





Krakatau : Laboratorium Alam di Selat Sunda

The eruption of Krakatoa in August 1883 has been sterilizing the mountain. However, after a time, in Krakatau emerged plants, which are still soft and small animals. Then arose the hypothesis about the origin of plants and animals.

What is the state of plants and animals in Krakatau today?